Newport, Quendon & Rickling
Neighbourhood Plan
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  2. Title 9
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
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  6. Title 6
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  8. Title 11
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Regulation 14​​
Pre-submission Consultation

Next stage

Regulation 15
Submission of the Plan to UDC
​​Public Consultation & Surveys

Let your voice be heard!

  • Even though only our Parish Councils can legally deliver the neighbourhood plan, it is required to be built with the support of residents.
  • To make sure our plan represents residents’ needs and views, the majority of the Newport, Quendon & Rickling Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group team are volunteers from the community.
  • Throughout the process there are many survey and consultation steps to make sure we’ve captured as many views as we can.
  • Please answer our surveys, respond to our consultations, and attend our roadshows.
  • In between times, you can always send us your comments via our Feedback page.